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Check this website out friends, it's new.  Great Site for those interested in MAN-MADE weather modification.  Lots of Great Links too.  If you read on, you'll notice an NBC Meteorologist ADMITS to man made weather modification!!!  For all those friends of yours that still doubt the possibility, show them this!  What's worse is he says this "weather warfare" is not just in Asia, it's right above him, all the time!!  Hopefully this is useful. --Andy
Weather Wars
A battle in the skies is waged daily.  Some battles are won and others lost.  We yet know not which.  For years this massive global project has been under way, but only now is it making it to the forefront of the consciousness of those with curious minds.  These open minds know that every belief system fails; and only fails, under the weight of new truthful information.  This is how progress is made, slowly and often only with the passing of a generation of humankind.


The Truth

It would appear to be an indelible human trait that the 'truth' about most issues usually goes through three distinct phases known colloquially as "the three stages of truth". During the first stage, the issue goes unnoticed and is ignored. The second stage is characterized by a period of vehement denial. The thirdstage witnesses the truth about the issue being recognized as self-evident.

The intent of my work here is to skip directly to this third stage of truth.  Time does not allow for us to bicker over the obvious. 

Visit the site of Tom Bearden ( - figured I'd make it easy on ya--Andy).  His work is pioneering in this field.  His latest paper is absolutely essential in understanding how this scalar technology works, how long it has been active, who runs it and why and finally what it is immediately capable of.  He also discusses what kinds of events are planned for the U.S. in the coming two to three years.  This man deserves the Prize for his research.

The following is a brief excerpt from his most recent paper dated October 13, 2004

So in early 1990, the weather engineering operations over North America were assumed from the FSB/KGB by the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams, and operations continued with the Yakuza's leased giant scalar interferometers. The weather engineering against the United States continues today under the rogue Japanese teams on site in Russia, with direct FSB/KGB supervision.

In 2004 we have entered the 2-year “final preparation phase”. These operations have been intensified and will continue to be intense, wreaking great economic damage. Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, etc. have been no exception to the Yakuza weather engineering, which included directly influencing and controlling each hurricane's power and behavior, as well as directing its course and speed so as to choose its targeting path. Indeed, Ivan did a 180 degree turn, and Jeanne did a 360 degree loop before reaching Florida, demonstrating the degree of control available.

Meteorologists do recognize periods of increased or decreased hurricane activity for various reasons, but they do not consider deliberate human induction of hurricanes or human control over their direction, power, and progress.

Indeed, in latter March of 2004, Hurricane Catarina -- the first-ever recorded hurricane in the South Atlantic--formed and came ashore in Brazil on March 28 with 90 mph winds, doing substantial damage. So while the conventional wisdom is that hurricanes cannot form (naturally) in the South Atlantic; this one did and “broke all the records”. It appears to have been a “deliberate probe” by the Yakuza: Produce and drive ashore a hurricane where the textbooks state one is impossible, to test whether Western governments and scientists recognize the artificial weather engineering . The answer, of course, is that -- as expected -- the West did not recognize its importance, or that it was a deliberate “stimulus.” Western meteorologists and governments simply shrugged off Hurricane Catarina as an interesting little phenomenon but of no great concern.

. For conventional consideration of hurricane increases, see (a) Lennart Bengtsson, “Hurricane Threats,” Science , Vol. 293, 20 July 2001 p. 440-441; (b) Stanley B. Goldenberg et al ., "The Recent Increase in Atlantic Hurricane Activity: Causes and Implications," Science , Vol. 293,
20 July 2001 p. 474-479.

This full 60 page paper is a MUST read!


As a television weatherman I first met this information with skepticism, who wouldn't?  Almost completely rejecting the concept that weather modification outside of cloud seeding possible.  Additional clues kept creeping in until I came across examples of scalar weather engineering on Tom Bearden’s web site.  Soon I began looking for my own examples in my own skies… Whoa!   There they were!  And not just occasionally, but all the time!  Examples in highs clouds were the easiest to spot, much less convective turbulence to round out the edges.  Mid level clouds… the alto cumulus are now frequently gridded and square.  Odd, very odd I thought.  Lower clouds, cumulus and stratus, especially in a marine layer environment seem to be the most difficult in which to see the active grid… But it is there.  I must also admit living in the desert climate of the Northern Rockies, which does not afford me much opportunity to get practiced with that kind of marine air mass.


Spotting activity in clouds is but one aspect of this global war.  Evidence can be gleaned from satellite imagery; weather service doppler radars frequently give up these scalar secrets too.  Contrails and chemtrails, without question, are a big part of this game.   There must be aspects as yet unknown; that some curious mind will share with us as this war game develops further and as more eyes are opened and see. It must be understood by all that the entirety of this planet's atmospheric weather processes are now controlled. All of it, completely 24/7/365!


The paradigm shift for all weathermen is now trying to forecast some organization’s intent, and not the natural meteorological processes of earth’s atmosphere.  This adds yet another element of unknown to an already challenging field.  The premise of this site is that you have a working understanding of basic meteorological processes.


My building this site was an inevitability. I am just the first of a very bright group of individuals who have to look at information that is of varying reliability and quality on a day to day basis… draw conclusions from that data, then present those conclusions of that data to very large audiences. The weather industry will convert quickly, very quickly. Simply put this is a yes or no proposition; it is occurring or it is not. Even a cursory look at this site yields foundation-moving questions for weather guys, and moves the mind into this reality. The end game has arrived, just as the powers that be knew it would. My only question is whether it is later or earlier than their anticipation. This planet's destiny is set… only the details have yet to occur. Our branch of humanity has in its future the possibility of regaining our sovereignty; that issue yet remains to be determined. If humanity only knew that this choice presently exists.

The alarm bells are ringing, it is time to wake-up.


I took all photographs, and reserve ownership and copyrights.


November 4, 2004 1847Z/11:47am Looking S

There isn't a thing that is natural about the development of this 'cirrus like' cloud... far too many unusual bends and breaks. All high clouds in this day and age show a scalar signature.


High Clouds

More Strange High Clouds


July 17, 2004 An accelleration zone full of ripples...

Mid Level Clouds


Again July 17, 2004, but now later in the day, 5:44pm MDT. 

Looking straight up with the house providing shade.  Every cloud is a part of a rolling tumbling square jigsaw puzzle.  See the nice cut marks in the cumulus cloud at center top.   Symmetry is noted in the alto cumulus deck higher up. Notice the straight lines and gridding found in the alto cumulus cloud field.


July 2, 2004 1805Z/12:05pm Local  

These are towering cumulus that usually needs a flat base to build up from; hum I wonder why these clouds don’t.

Lower Clouds



October 27, 2004, 23:30Z/4:30pm Pacific  

This was record-breaking soaker of a storm replete with waterspouts off the Southland coast not long ago.  Do you see the numerous acceleration tracks pushing the storm eastward, then northeastward once you get into western Arizona?  Tracks also adding additional spin and directional control in eastern Clark county Nevada.  I am amazed that the weather industry is so ignorant of all this unnatural activity!


October 17th 2004, 2215Z/415pm Local   SE Idaho/N Utah  

A big, diagonal, clear zone where the sky has been cleared of clouds.  One look at this image and there is no question that something is acting on the weather.  And I’ve already gotten grief for calling for rain showers and then we sit underneath this hole while the rain passes to either side.  I’am telling this story because I don’t like missing a forecast!  Especially when I wasn’t wrong!  J

Satellite Imagery    

Page 2


Base Reflectivity1 Scan Oct 17, 2004 2235Z/4:35pm Local  

This is 15 minutes later when compared to the above satellite image.  Not much rainfall making the ground… the showers do line up to the grid.  We have to learn to recognize that more unnatural forces drive our weather than natural; that dictates a change in our paradigm of understanding of the operational meteorological world around us.

Composite Reflectivity Scan Oct 17, 2004 2230Z/4:30 Local  

This scan includes the ‘brightest’ echoes… the extra data/levels helps us see the squares much easier. 




October 9, 2004 1616Z 10:16 Mountain Looking W 

Square and right angled clouds are all over the place.  It seems to be a method of imparting angular momentum to the affected area.  Once you see one, you will see them all the time. 

The Best Squares



August 13, 2004 1739Z 11:39am Local Looking west

Descriptions of clouds and why so many are so full of holes! 

Plus & Minus




Oct 16, 2004, 1932Z 1:32pm Local   

Contrails or chemtrails, I don’t care.  They are having an effect on our skies, weather and ultimately our climate by design.  They must be understood by the meteorological community!  NASA now wants us to count the contrails for them.  That must mean that this project is over their/there heads too… pun intended. 

A little later…

By 1951Z 1:51pm Local… 

Just 29 minutes later the two of the four tracks—these east bound—continue to fan out.  Net result, more high cloud cover.


Some think that the chemtrail mission is directly related to the late Dr. Edward Teller's infamous white paper advocating aerosol spraying as a means towards global climate control. Dr. Teller, known throughout the world as the “father of the hydrogen bomb,” did write such a paper and it is still downloadable from the Internet as a PDF document here:



This is a serious project that is stunningly immense in scope, at a minimum several hundred aircraft are active daily... the intent of the aircraft has been the focus of the debate. Information is here to settle that dispute.





October 8, 2004 1547Z 9:37am Local 

I need more information and better camera gear... but boy these guys are sure cool to see!

I am presently developing a thesis on why these little orbs are everywhere, especially around freshly sprayed chemtrail. So look for a rather lengthy missive out by early December. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

Orbs and Things


An unnatural process in an attempt to make the clouds still look normal. This is stuff anyone can see.

 Broken Clouds

Weather is Art! (When you control it)

Anyone see a captain’s wheel?  Truly someone is capable of steering the weather!

Late October/Early Nov


Northern Lights with more unusual Solar activity... Updated 14 November 2004

Early November Activity


Late November Contrail Update   Updated  1 December 2004

December 2004 Update... 

Material that was discussed on early the morning of 9 January 2005 with Mike Hagan.

Late 2004  Visible Satellite Images

This odd formation occured over Atlanta, Georgia 1745Z January 4th 2005

Do you think the guys at the Weather Channel noticed?  Ha!  They are too busy dumbing down the weather.


The Very Active Sun and how that Likely plays into global and solar system wide warming.

Send me your cool cloud pictures and comments!

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And Finally…

A Little About Me


Here is his "A Little About Me" for those of you too lazy to follow the link.   This is a guy who knows his weather, so for those of you who look up to "authority" figures, this would be your man.  Now you can believe the evidence. --Andy.


  Hi, I’m Scott Stevens.  Weather has been a fascination of mine since I started keeping a weather diary for a Scouting merit badge.  That was July 1978.  I had to watch the local weathercast, log the forecast, and the daily conditions for 30 days.  By that months end… I was hooked!  I was 12.  I earned the weather merit badge, then later my Eagle.  Within the year I was reporting our small town’s daily conditions to the area TV stations.  That became my in.  By my senior year in high school I was working at KIFI TV the NBC affiliate in Idaho Falls as a studio camera operator. I soon was a photographer for the news department, as time allowed.  During that year I figured out that I would be doing weather for a career even though my first weather casting takes stank!  So much so I thought I’d end up in the business school. 

  I chose the University of Kansas to study meteorology… these Idaho winters were just too rugged for me.  Snow in May, yuck!  That and the math requirements weren’t too tough. 

  During my sophomore year at KU I auditioned for one of three openings at KTKA in Topeka… I was not yet good enough.  I was 20, a little young still, and scared.  Five months later I received a call back, this time I landed a job that would cost me twice as much to keep as it paid. I had to buy a car.  Ah, the glory of TV!  But 13 months later I had gone from a 2-hour/5 day a week job to the main guy.  It felt good.  Not long afterwards a phone call came from Omaha Nebraska, and RFD-TV.  It was a start-up satellite delivered agricultural focused news and weather station and a very tough job in many aspects. 

  Storm chasing, at KJRH in Tulsa Oklahoma, came during the early 90’s where I worked the morning show.  I enjoyed that job just about the most of all. The weather there was the easiest to forecast.  I didn’t even mind—too much—the 3:50am alarm. 

  I spent a little more than a year in the Capital District of New York as the chief for WRGB.  What beautiful country!  And they know how to clear the roads after a big snowstorm!

  I returned home in 1996 to eastern Idaho and to KPVI.  Without question, forecasting here is a challenge…  I suppose even more so now with all that is going on in the skies. 

  This is my first attempt at a web site.  I just wanted to get the ‘bones’ of this thing up and going so I can now learn Dreamweaver and watch this project grow.

  Send me your pictures and thoughts.  I am especially interested to hear from others employed in the weather industry.

  Thanks for stopping by and reading.