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This gets into very deep territory.
If it interests you  you will want to read Handbook for the New Paradigm
which can be obtained from Global Insights
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DECEMBER 20, 2004.

A secret operation is a piece of theater.

The players on the stage are really only surrogates for directors and
producers who sit in comfortable homes and hotels miles from the

The actors on stage are the cover story.

They present events of interest.

They speak lines dreamed up as diversion.

The props and flats and other decoration bolster the impression of
reality for the audience.

A few audience members will suspect the deception taking place on the

The most basic secret operation is called REALITY. That is the name of
the play.

The dialogue and actions are all geared to shore up the conclusion
that reality is an arena in which, at best, the audience can learn a few
a few clever tricks they can use to navigate the shoals.

To understand reality in this sense is to understand falsely.

To actually PIERCE the veil of reality is not meant to be an outcome of
watching the play.

Quite the opposite.

Detail is the stock in trade of the play called reality.
Details, masses of them, piled upon one another,
serve to convince the audience that THIS is the only reality that

Any exit signs in the theater ultimately lead to dead ends.

They promise salvation and transcendence, but they produce more despair.

Reality is a theater.

This is the core concept that lies behind every secret society.

And here is the basic irony:
each member of the audience has the innate capacity
to invent an unlimited number of theaters.

Each member  of the audience
has the innate capacity to travel to millions of theaters
that already exist in the Multiverse of realms and dimensions.

The audience, strangely enough, is composed of “gods”
who have been lulled into deep narcosis.

A narcosis that extends over lifetime after lifetime,  incarnation after

To find a true exit,  the narcosis has to be cast away.

Secret society mind control, at bottom,
is the inducement of the narcosis that is:  acceptance of one and only
one reality.

No secret society could succeed unless  each audience member  yearned
for narcosis,
for amnesia,  for shrinkage of the power  of self.

No secret society could succeed unless  each audience member
felt a PROFOUND despair
about his own ability to invent, improvise, imagine, create.

And yet deep in each self,  beyond any ridicule,
lies the correct conviction  that the endless capacity to create
can never be destroyed.

This theater we all attend  is rigged  to make it seem as if all
significant creation
comes  from outside the self.

And as we live in  and attend this theater,  we come to believe that.
Which is our undoing.

Of course, we don’t think of it as our undoing.

We think there is nothing strange or demented about the fact that we don
’t seem able
to manifest the realities we desire.

We think that is just the lot of the average human being.

We think asking for anything more is a sign of incipient insanity.

We think asking for anything more is evidence of a coddled existence
full of fairy tales.

We think that  Mind  is something we are handed  on a plate  as part of
our existence.

The idea that we, in fact,  create Mind  appears absurd.

The idea that  each one of us  invents his own mind  appears crazy.

Therefore, we believe there is no evidence here of deep, deep negative

None at all.

We look to all sorts of  other areas  to find evidence of conditioning
and programming.

We think we have escaped such conditioning.

We think so-called “paranormal ability”  is a quirk  that some lucky
individuals manifest.

We believe the pursuit of such ability  is a dead-end. A fool’s errand.

We fail to make the connection between the individual’s ability to
imagine and create
and his ability to exercise these so-called paranormal abilities.

What paranormal abilities?

To see into the future,  to view what is happening beyond the
geographical reach
of the five senses.

To move matter and energy without the use of physical means.
To dismantle realities of all sorts in quick fashion.
To install new realities.
To perceive into, and visit, “parallel universes.” To read thoughts.

To turn scarcity into abundance.

For one’s self and others.

To do all these things  without becoming  space cadets,
without ignoring  the very real plight  of billions of  other  human

To act on  several levels.

It is the goal of all true secret societies  to conceal these marvelous
to discredit them,  to attack them,  to cast them  as “the work of the

It is  the goal  of all true secret societies  to make people think
that what is commonly called Mind---a weak bulb---
is the full power of what we have in this life.

This  is a lie,  and in the Theater of the One and Only Reality,
we  are taught this lie  over  and over again.

For the last 15,000 years, at least, people here and there on this Earth
have tried to find ways of expanding the basic capacity of the human
being to create.

 These efforts have been sporadic.  They have been ridiculed.
In  some cases  they have concealed themselves  behind a curtain of
rituals and rites
and extraneous symbolism.

Once again, we take up the task.

My PREMIUM CONTENT readers,  and readers of my book,
information on the research of the late hypnotherapist, Jack True.
A friend and colleague of mine, Jack was, in his less-well-known
a prodigious innovator in this field.

I have used some of his principles and his methods, to extend this work.

 is concerned with establishing a monopoly
over manufacturing political and economic and social and informational

In this rung I would include:

The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission
(now partly morphed into the World Trade Organization),
the Bilderberg Group, the British Round Table
and its Royal Institute of International Affairs,
select parts of Masonic groups, the successors to Nazism, Skull and
Bohemian Grove,
the CIA (in a very expanded sense), certain royal bloodlines,
and what could loosely be called the inner circle of the London Bankers.

There are other such organizations.

Some people  call these overlapping groups  the Illuminati.

It is a name that is  a general label  and does not reflect a
several-century continuous
and conscious line dating from the inception of Adam Weishaupt’s 1776
and Illuminated Seers of Bavaria----although Weishaupt’s primary ideas
have been passed down from group to group.

Over the past eight decades, one of the most important names
associated with these groups   is ROCKEFELLER.

And from  that family,  DAVID ROCKEFELLER.  Oil, pharmaceuticals,
education, population control.

Standing behind these groups----
and exercising a certain amount of covert control over them---
is the Order of Jesuits.

It is the most clever and long-term of the FIRST RING of secret
and it could be thought of as a multi-dimensional planetary Sun-Tzu
chess game in action.

Its purpose is the establishment of a world order under the Roman Pope,
 who in turn is a front for the Jesuits’ own Pope.

In certain respects, the key group within the Vatican has been, since
1540, the Jesuits.

And much Vatican money has been managed by the Rothschild family.

Tupper Saussy, author of the very important book, Rulers of Evil,
has pointed this out.

 Saussy has said, what better way to deflect attention from the covert
ops of the Vatican than to choose a Jewish family as a front?

The SECOND RING of secret societies is much, much harder to name and

My best bet is to describe a few of its functions.

 It is MIND CONTROL par excellence.
 I am not primarily speaking of trauma-based mind control,
but rather of the many ways in which people are taught  to believe  that
the CREATIVE FUNCTION is dealt to them  from outside  themselves.

An article I posted the other day on the GOD COVER STORY (see my
describes this op.

Promote a whim-ridden God entity who does not have any connection to
“the real God”
(if you believe in Him, It, Her).

Claim that all creation comes from this alternatively caring and
vengeful entity.

Claim that only a shadow of this creative capacity, at best,
can be wielded by human beings.

Try to claim that human creation is really a
compensatory act.

Using medical cartel cutouts, drug the whole population of the planet
into submission
and sedation and confusion and toxic weakness.

Wherever possible, pervert (e.g., through GM food) or deny the basic
nutritional needs
of the population, so that lucidity and power of thought and action  are

Introduce a number of chemicals into the environment
that generally act as these medical drugs act.

(It is no accident
that several of the most powerful
chemical/pharmaceutical/genetically-modified food companies  in the
world  were heavily involved in business partnerships
with IG Farben, the Nazi cartel.

For example, Dow, Du Pont, ICI, Ciba, Bayer, Hoechst, BASF.
The last three were IG components.)

Within this SECOND RING of secret societies,
we find a distinct Nazi thread of thought:

This double-headed hydra is a conscious perversion of true alchemy.
True alchemical research in the old China, Europe, and the Muslim empire
sought no victims.

It reached for  transformation  of matter  and consciousness.

The true ‘philosopher’s stone” of alchemy  is IMAGINATION.
Always was, is, always will be.

There is a fear of closing down the long-running stage play called The
One and Only Reality.

In fact,  most people  would not be able to grasp  what that would mean.

Close it down?

Leaving what?

Empty space?

A world without cohesion?


These responses testify to the depth of the mind control we are all
laboring under.

In other words, any alternative to the long-running stage play appears
to be impossible
 and self-contradictory.

The one society on planet Earth which has made a monumental effort to
throw off this level of programming  is TIBET.

It is no accident  that China, which has adopted a philosophy of
has striven to erase Tibet
 from the landscape and the memory of the human race.

Nor is it an accident that the great and far-flung creative endeavors of
human beings,
over time, have been considered, in written histories,
sheer anomalies with no true connection to one another.

If we come to see  the connection,  we will see a vast tradition which
never dies,
which reflects our very core.