Betreff: Senator Frist's 'political paranoia' diagnostic paradigm
Von: "Marsha V. Hammond, PhD, Licensed Psychologist"
Datum: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 12:40:12 -0500

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Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Licensed Psychologist: NC & current listserv manager of Division 32, American Psychological Association
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January 10, 2005

RE: Senator Bill Frist's (R-TN) recommendation that there be a new DSM IV criteria associated with 'political paranoia.'


I am extremely concerned about frivolous 'advances' in the diagnosing of mental health disorders, even though put forward by the sole physician in Congress, Bill Frist, MD.   I am therefore informing Tennessee  health care administrators as well as members of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association. 

Relatedly, :
“When the 109th Congress convenes in Washington in January, Senator Bill Frist, the first practicing physician elected to the Senate since 1928, plans to file a bill that would define ‘political paranoia’ as a mental disorder, paving the way for individuals who suffer from paranoid delusions regarding voter fraud, political persecution and FBI surveillance to receive Medicare reimbursement for any psychiatric treatment they receive,” writes Hermione Slatkin, Medical Correspondent for the Swift Report. “Rick Smith, a spokesman for Senator Frist, says that the measure has a good chance of passing—something that can only help a portion of the population that is suffering significant distress.”
“If you’re still convinced that President Bush won the election because Republicans figured out a way to hack into electronic voting machines, you’ve obviously got a problem,” says Smith. “If we can figure out a way to ease your suffering by getting you into therapy and onto medication, that’s something that we hope the entire 109th Congress will support.”

In the strongest terms possible, and as a psychologist who every working day puts forward legitimate psychiatric diagnoses for the sole purpose of assisting consumers and clients-----I am asking that this malevolently intentioned matter be treated with the utmost gravity. 


Marsha V. Hammond, PhD: Licensed Psychologist

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