Betreff: Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control
Von: Joseph Ares-Berziga
Datum: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 17:27:57 -0800 (PST)

Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control
The following is one example of correspondence between
Tom Bearden and persons interested in some of the
applications of his Scalar Electromagnetics theories
[Note - Bearden is now calling his system Energetics
and refers to it as a subset of Superpotential Theory]

Subj: Re: Anomalous weather worldwide
Date: 98-05-26 13:39:18 EDT

The anomalous weather worldwide is not accidental. In
superpotential theory, which was initiated by a paper
by E.T. Whittaker in 1904, it is possible to produce
EM force fields and force field energy at a distance.
Whittaker 1904 showed that all EM fields and waves can
be decomposed into two scalar potential functions. It
follows that, by assembling two such scalar potential
functions in beams, one can produce a "scalar
potential interferometer" where the potential beams
intersect at a distance. In that interference zone,
ordinary transverse EM fields and energy appear.

A scalar potential is also just a harmonic assembly of
bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs, as shown in a
paper by E.T. Whittaker the year before, 1903. So one
can produce the necessary longitudinal waves, in
arrays, to "assemble" a scalar potential with any
desired interior LW composition. Thus by using
longitudinal EM waves (LWs), one can produce
potentials, fields, and waves to order. It turns out
that a longitudinal EM wave, since it cannot vary
transversely a priori, cannot vary its 3-spatial
energy density. Instead, it must vary in the time
domain. What results is that one has created an
oscillation of the curvature of spacetime, when one
makes a longitutinal EM wave.
Now one can engineer clusters of ST curvatures, by
proper assembly of LWs. This is a very powerful
general relativity, because the strong EM force is
being used as the agent of ST curvature. This
particular EM GR does not appear in the textbooks, but
has been utilized by the Russian KGB in clandestine
weapon development since the 1950s.

Here's how the weather engineering is usually
First, take two scalar potential beam transmitters,
separated on the necessary baseline to form a beam
interferometer. Let them interfere at a distance. Now
in that distant interference zone (IZ), there is an
ambient vacuum potential (spacetime potential, or
spacetime stress). If the electrical circuit grounds
of the interferometer transmitters are biased ABOVE
the ambient potential in the IZ, then scattering EM
energy (heating) emerges in the IZ. This is the
exothermic mode of operation. If the electrical
circuit grounds of the interferometer are biased
negatively below the ambient potential in the IZ, then
convergent EM energy (cooling) emerges in the IZ. This
is the endothermic mode of operation.
So by merely biasing the electrical grounds of a
scalar potential interferometer, one can produce
heating or cooling in the distant IZ. If one just
"radiates," one produces distant steady heating or
steady cooling. If one sharply pulses the
interferometer, one produces a distant hot explosion
or a distant cold explosion.
One can also, of course, form various forms of energy
at a distance, including particularly hemispheric
shells of energy and spherical shells of energy.
Hundreds of these have been observed worldwide, from
testing by the KGB weapons in Russia.
There is one other characteristic that one needs to be
aware of. Pure longitudinal EM waves have infinite
speed and infinite velocity (see the summary papers by
Rodrigues et al. on the Los Alamos National Laboratory
website). In practice one makes a pseudo-longitudinal
wave, so its energy is finite and its speed is finite,
but it may have a velocity v>>c.
A "scalar" potential is not a scalar entity at all.
Instead, it's a bundle of bidirectional longitudinal
waves, as shown by Whittaker 1903. Mass is composed
mostly of empty space filled with potentials and
fields, with a particle here and there, widely
separated. On its own scale, a "mass" looks more like
a giant solar system or the external universe. Mostly
space, with fields and potentials. Well, since fields
and potentials are nothing but just LWs anyway (W-1903
and 1904), then the stress potential of space is a
superhighway for LWs. What this means is that "pretty
good" LWs (i.e., sufficiently clean pseudo
longitudinal waves) will pass right through the earth
and ocean, with little attenuation and little

Now we are ready to see into weather engineering.
Focus the interference zone (IZ) on the other side of
the earth (beam right through the earth and ocean) to
a given desired area in the atmosphere. Bias your
transmitters positively. You produce atmospheric
heating in the air in the IZ, so that the air expands
and you have produced a "low" pressure zone. Now use a
second interferometer biased negatively, and place it
at a distant IZ desired. In that IZ, you cool the air
so that it shrinks and becomes denser, and you have
created a "high" pressure area. Now place several such
IZs, with the desired highs and lows, near a jet
stream. The jet stream will be deviated toward a low
and away from a high. By varying the transmitted
energy and the iz location (just move it gradually
along), you can entrain and steer the jet streams, and
therefore effectively "steer" the resulting weather.
Want to spawn tornadoes? Just make several sharp bends
in the jet streams, and also speed them up a bit. The
additional angular momentum imparted to the air masses
will spawn off littler rotations (tornadoes). By
focusing the IZ underneath the ocean, one can heat or
cool the water in a selected area, over a period of
time. So you can aggravate or ease El Nino, e.g. By
proper steering and coordination around the earth, the
KGB is able to create a great deal of rain in an area,
a drought in an area, storms and tornadoes, a powerful
El Nino, etc.

Want to really mess with the troops? Just focus the IZ
in a large fault zone -- say such as the San Andreas
fault in California. Use the exothermic interferometry
mode. You deposit energy slowly in that fault zone.
The stress increases. Eventually the plate edges
shift, and you have an earthquake. If you want a very
powerful quake, put the energy in gradually, so that a
sort of "overpotential" or "overpressure" builds up,
past where the rocks would normally slip. Then when
they let go, you've got a real nice big one. You can
see what might happen if one also toys around with a
sleeping volcano.

On July 4, 1976 the KGB began its massive and
continuing weather engineering over North America. It
continues to this day. So the anomalous weather
everyone is worrying about, is going to STAY
anomalous. In fact, it's going to get a bit
worse.There's a whole war going on out there.
It might surprise you, e.g., that electrodynamics
actually has nothing at all to say about the form of
its EM entities in space, where there is no mass.
Maxwell assumed a material ether, and all his EM
entities are mass-containing. The force fields are
rigorously defined only in the presence of mass, and
only as the INTERACTION of the spacetime disturbance
with an intercepting charged mass. So Maxwell's EM
still contains a material ether, even though the
Michelson-Morley experiments destroyed a material
space medium in the 1880s (after Maxwell was already
dead). Not a single Maxwellian equation has been
Rigorously, Maxwellian EM is a set of matter-to-matter
transforms. Actually infolded inside its transforms
are a missing two: (1) matter-to-spacetime transform,
which is really what is invoked when one launches a
"signal" from a transmitter; one launches a spacetime
curvature oscillation, not a force field oscillation,
because no force fields exist in space in the absence
of mass (Feynman, Wheeler, Aharonov, Bohm, Lindsay,
Margenau, etc.) Then the ST perturbation propagates
through space to the waiting receiving antenna. There
it interacts with the Drude electrons, producing the
well-known transverse EM oscillations. Since the
electrons are constrained longitudinally down the wire
and are spinning, they act as gyros. So they precess
laterally, which is actually what we measure with our
instruments -- the gyroprecession of the charges. So
hidden inside the matter-to-matter EM they erroneously
teach us, is an infolded general relativity (a
matter-to-spacetime transform, followed by a
spacetime-to-matter transform in serial order).
This is the "magical" unified field theory everyone
has been seeking. The electrodynamics we teach is a
piece of tripe, and the Russians just secretly
corrected it back in the early 50s. And then they
weaponized the daylights out of it. Today at least
three other nations besides the KGB rogue group in
Russia have scalar potential interferometer weapons.
The weather engineering is just one of the EARLY
capabilities. The most powerful weapons on earth are
not nuclear. They are quantum potential in nature,
using a modified Whittaker EM to implement David
Bohm's hidden variable theory of quantum mechanics.
Meanwhile, since our own electrical physicists have
rather thoroughly failed us, and just keep teaching
the horribly flawed old electrodynamics, we will
continue to watch as the weather is hostilely
engineered, as even earthquakes are engineered from
time to time, and as another small nation which must
remain unnamed, saves us and prevents our destruction.

Didn't know whether such things would even interest
you, but thought I'd expose them anyway. Most
scientists are very uncomfortable with even the notion
that something substantial is wrong with our physics
texts. But such is true. Until we do the necessary
foundations overhaul, we will continue to teach and
use a highly inferior science. And we will continue to
see more and more anomalous weather. Incidentally, the
KGB weapon scientists call the infolded LWs
(curvatures of ST) inside electrodyamics, the
information content of the field. Our guys just think
they are referring to spectral analysis. The Russians
call the entire science energetics.
You can see the earlier version of the Rodrigues paper
in Foundations of Physics, 27(3), 1997, p. 435-508.
Whittaker's papers are: (1) "On an expression of the
Electromagnetic Field Due to Electrons by Means of Two
Scalar Potential Functions," Proc. Lond. Math. Soc.,
Series 2, Vol. 1, 1904, p. 367-372; (2) "On the
Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical
Physics," Math. Ann., Vol. 57, 1903, p. 333-355. A
summary of superpotential theory is given by Melba
Phillips, "Classical Electrodynamics," Vol IV of
Principles of Electrodynamics and Relativity, Ed. by
S. Flugge, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1962, p. 1-108.
Other scientists such as Debye, Nisbet, Bromwich, and
McCrea contributed to the foundations of
superpotential theory. An excellent and eye-opening
paper is Patrick Cornille, "Inhomogeneous Waves and
Maxwell's Equations," Chap. 4 in Essays on the Formal
Aspects of Electromagnetic Theory, World Scientific,
Singapore, 1992, p. 6-86. Highly recommended is T.W.
Barrett and D.M. Grimes, Eds., Advanced
Electromagnetism: Foundations, Theory, & Applications,
World Scientific, New Jersey, 1995.

For a test of a superweapon, see Walker et al,
"Kaitoku Seamount and the Mystery Cloud of 9 April
1984," Science, Vol. 227, Feb. 8, 1985, p. 607-6111.
See also Daniel L. McKenna and Daniel Walker, "Mystery
Cloud: Additional Observations," Science, Vol. 234,
Oct. 24, 1986, p. 412-413. That incident on April 9,
1984 off the coast of Japan and near the Kuriles, was
a huge test of (1) a cold explosion just over the
surface of the ocean, which suddenly shrank the air so
that surrounding air rushed in, meeting and surging
upwards into the sky, entraining lots of water as a
mist and dense cloud with it. Then a second test was
conducted: a glowing sphere of light appeared in the
top of the large mushroom cloud from the cold
explosion. Then that spherical globe expanded, until
it reached some 380 miles in diameter. The center of
the globe at that time was about 200 miles altitude.
That is written up in two fine articles in the
respected journal Science.
This is the scale the KGB has been operating on, with
these interferometry weapons. There are hundreds more
such incidents or similar. Anyhow, thanks for sending
me the updates on the actual weather occurrences. They
do help from time to time.

Yours truly,
Tom Bearden