Betreff: Help Prevent Right Wing Agenda by Forcing Debate on 6th
Von: "Cheryl Guttman"
Datum: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 06:23:26 -0500

Happy New Year!  Please scroll down to find out what you can do to force a debate on the  validity of election on Jan. 6th by getting at least one Senator and other representatives to contest vote which will help prevent a right wing agenda, as well as help promote a serious investigation of vote fraud and suppression, and help institute vote reform.  Even if you've done some actions about this, please read on to see what more you can do today and tomorrow before the electors are accepted!   Thank you and please forward, Cheryl
What does a Newspaper from Bush's home town of Crawford Tx, Jesse Jackson, and the ranking member of the minority House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers have in common?  They all support getting a Senator to object to the election results on the 6th!  Several House members say they will contest so we just need one Senator to get the ball rolling.  What will this do?  It will lead to a debate of 2 hours for each state contested.  Some say Florida and New Mexico--which both have had evidence of vote fraud-- should also be contested in addition to Ohio to add 4 more hours of debate over the stolen election.  
After the debate there will be a vote in both houses but even if it doesn't lead to Bush being removed, it is urgent for the country to know that the election did not run "smoothly".  Bush is now preparing to ram through his right wing agenda claiming a "mandate" because of his election triumph.  (Of course, even if he had honestly won those votes,it was by the smallest percentage of any incumbent.)  But there are too many unanswered questions about the election to act like nothing is wrong.  The first indication that there was rampant vote fraud was Univ. of Pennsylvania's Dr. Steven Freeman analysis that found that the odds of exit polls (which are much more accurate than other polls) in the three key states of  Florida, and Ohio being so far off from the "official" vote tallies by chance are 662,000 to 1. 
The country must know that the vote did not go smoothly, there was evidence of vote fraud and deliberate major  suppression of the vote in minority and other Democratic enclaves in Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and elsewhere, see  The country should also know that the Ohio recount was a sham that only recounted a pre-planned 3% where there were fewer anomalies, that voting machines were tampered with by Triad officials, and even then counties that were supposed to have a full recount-- because of the wide discrepencies between the hand count and the machine count of 3% of that county--were prevented from doing so (see  In addition, none of the ballots that didn't have any vote recorded for President were hand counted even though Kerry had specifically asked for this (among his other recount requests that were ignored).  The country should also be informed about the testimony from Clinton Curtis who swore he wrote software to hack the vote for Florida Republican Tom Feeney; about the discriminatory decisions in the election and recount made by a partisan Ohio Secretary of State who refused to answer Representative Conyer's questions about the Ohio election; and about the fact that millions of voting machines around the country were owned by a company whose CEO vowed to "deliver Ohio electoral votes to Ohio", were vulnterable to hacking, and had no paper trail to do audits; as well as the fact that the central vote tabulators in every state were vulnerable to hacking according to Bev Harris of Black Box Voting.
As a result there must be a full house Judiciary committee where the black box voting machines can be impounded and real voting reform including a paper ballot for all voting methods must be instituted!
The point is that the public will for this investigation and reform will be much stronger if Congress contests the vote and a full debate in Congress is allowed to happen.
In addition, Bush will not be able to claim that the vote went so smoothly and he is deserving of instituting a right wing agenda that he can push down the throats of all Americans.
This is why we must find at least one Senator --and also try to convince all our representatives-- to contest the vote and join the debate.
To find out Jesse Jackson's reasoning
Press conference tomorrow on challenging election
To read Bush's hometown paper's reasoning
WHAT YOU CAN DO? Today the 5th and tomorrow the 6th until when 1p.m. Congress is supposed to count the votes.
(1)Email your own Senators, Representative, and House minority Judiciary Committee with one click (Note.  You may have already emailed your Senators with True Majority's excellent email.  However, this email also goes to your Congressperson (and House minority Judiciary Committee, who can use this as "ammunition" for its case) as well as your Senators.  Don't we want as many of our representatives as possible voting against reading the electors as they currently stand? This is the website and this is a sample letter you can use as a template and add or subtract what you want.
"I urge you to join Representative Conyers on January 6th in not counting the Ohio electoral votes, as well as not counting Florida and New Mexico electors ,because of evidence of voter fraud and suppression in those elections,   For more information see

Ideally contesting the election on the 6th would result in a revote of the contested states but even if it "only"results in a full Congressional debate, a serious investigation which can impound the black box voting machines and real voting reform, as well as the nation's realization that Bush does not have any mandate since there is strong evidence that he has not "won" the election in a fair way, it would be well worth it."

(if you don't want to cut and paste this message but would rather have a pre-written message--which you could add or edit--and you haven't already done so you could send an easy email with True Majority to your Senators instead )

(2) Call, fax, visit their offices--even without an appointment you can see someone from their local office--today and tomorrow early (before 1 p.m.) if you can't go to D.C.. Call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 and/or visit  .  These count more than emails in terms of showing how concerned you are.
(3)Contact Most Likely Senators. 
(a) Several groups say Boxer is the most likely to contest.  A group of 20 grassroots activists recently said that she needs more people to call her. You can call/ fax her at: phone (202) 224-3553 fax  (415) 956-6701
send email or hand deliver letter
more contact info
(b)One click to contact Barbara Boxer, Senator  Russell Feingold, Senator,  Patrick Leahy, Senator,  Edward Kennedy, Senator  Robert Byrd, Senator  Richard Durbin to ask them to challenge
(c)East way to fax likely senators one by one
(d)if you want to do more, other ideas to contact most likely Senators
(4) There is a demo in D.C. on Jan. 6th sponsored by Jesse Jackson, etc. to urge
This is the info for the demo
Greyhound fares are pretty cheap (e.g. roundtrip NY to DC is $31!)
(5) Make this page a favorite to find out about new ways to make sure all our votes count after the 6th!