Betreff: January 25th 2005 the EU will vote to BAN 300 known safe health supplements.
Datum: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 17:52:07 -0800 (PST)

> Unless they are stopped, on January 25th 2005 the EU
> will vote to
> BAN 300 known safe health supplements. People in
> Europe will need a
> PRESCRIPTION just to buy a B-Complex vitamin. Please
> read this then
> pass it on. Once it happens in the EU, it will only
> take a few years
> or less for it to happen in America. Tell those you
> pass it on to to
> ALSO pass it on. The EU must be stopped
> From: John C. Hammell
> President International Advocates for Health Freedom
> CODEX Emergency Health Freedom Meeting Video Free
> and Online
> IAHF Webmaster: Codex Emergency Section, Breaking
> News, Whats New,
> What to Do, Codex, EU FSD, All Countries
> the DVD of our
> Emergency Health Freedom Meeting held on November
> 18th at ACAM at
> Next week we intend to add the Navigational Menu to
> the streaming
> video to make it easier to navigate this hour and a
> half long DVD.
> (The Navigational Menu is on the DVD that we're
> still encouraging
> you to buy from IAHF for $15 (USA) and $25 outside
> USA (donation).
> If you view the DVD on the web, please make a
> donation if you
> possibly can at via paypal
> (paypal link is on
> the top of the scrollbar inside the site). I will be
> very glad to
> keep sending copies out by mail, and strongly
> encourage you to make
> a copies *yes, its OK and give them freely to more
> people!!!*
> Please be mindful of the fact that we must OVERCOME
> a spin piece
> generated against our message in the USA that was
> published in the
> December issue of NNFA Today, (newsletter of
> National Nutritional
> Foods Assn). Suzanne Harris of the Law Loft, and
> David Hinde of ANH
> are in a process now of generating a very solid
> rebuttal to this
> misinformation.
> The NNFA Spin Piece was generated by Sidley, Austin,
> Brown and Wood
> LLP, the multinational law firm retained by NNFA -
> and its
> outrageous that the vitamin companies and health
> food stores
> comprising NNFA's membership merely ACCEPT the
> garbage this pharma
> dominated law firm is foisting off on them, but its
> been going on
> for YEARS. Its easy for them to buy the line that
> Codex (and the EU
> Food Supplement Directive are "non issues" and "US
> vitamin laws
> aren't being threatened by what's happening outside
> our borders"
> because that's what they want to hear, but its not
> the truth as
> you'll see from our DVD and as you know if you've
> been on the IAHF
> email distribution list for a while.
> We can ONLY win, if each and every person who reads
> this helps us to
> SPREAD THE WORD about what's happening to our health
> freedom!
> By putting the Push Back From Codex Cliff video
> online and freely
> available, IAHF runs the risk of possibly not
> recouping the money we
> put into production costs- but we're taking that
> chance, because
> this fight has NEVER been about money, its been
> about defending
> people's LIVES and freedom to choose their own
> method of health
> maintenance and your freedom to take health
> supplements without
> needing a prescription.
> "Vengeance is Mine" Sayeth the Lord---- but there's
> no reason we
> can't help out a bit BEFORE we shuffle off this
> immortal coil, now
> is there?
> This past year the US Government passed legislation
> to force
> mandatory "Mental Health" screening on school
> kids.
> They're going to start taking our kids away via
> "Child Protective
> Services" if they screen them, find they "should be
> on various
> psychotropic drugs" and we refuse. This, along with
> forced
> vaccinations is part of a highly orchestrated
> Eugenics Agenda that
> goes part and parcel with blocking consumer access
> to healing
> nutrients. Dr.Leonard Horowitz and others have been
> documenting this
> for years. See Read his
> book Emerging
> Viruses- AIDS and EBOLA- Nature, Accident, or
> Intentional?
> For every action, there is an exact and OPPOSITE
> I don't know about you, but when I think about the
> government
> forcing school kids to undergo forced "mental health
> screening" as a
> prelude to putting them on a slew of toxic drugs
> whose horrible life
> destroying side effects I've experienced first hand
> in my past.
> My response was to go the extra mile to produce this
> DVD, and to
> then find someone, a volunteer, who could put it on
> the web as
> streaming video.
> The Alliance for Natural Health
> http://www.alliance-natural-
> will be in court on January 25th in a bid
> to overturn the
> draconian EU Food Supplement Directive.
> You can find complete details on the ANH website
> about their lawsuit
> and its extreme importance to the world. As goes the
> EU, so goes the
> WORLD due to the EU being the dominant political
> force at CODEX.
> An ANH victory on January 25th would send SHOCK
> WAVES through the
> Pharma Cartel. It would STOP them from forcing the
> watering down of
> health supplements in Europe by stopping them from
> banning 300 safe
> ingredients currently used in the manufacture of
> supplements.
> ANH CAN WIN in court, but urgently need your
> support!
> I know what you're thinking: this is CRAZY!!! How
> can this possibly
> be going on when I can go into my local health food
> store and buy
> anything I need?
> Well it IS going on, and if you watch the DVD -
> available free to
> you online at -
> you'll understand.
> An effort is also underway to force us into a carbon
> copy of the EU
> called the FTAA, (Free Trade Area of the Americas).
> This would
> destroy America and force the harmonization of all
> the laws in our
> hemisphere. See for
> details and get
> involved in the fight back there too! The price of
> freedom is
> eternal vigilance.
> and watch the DVD,
> then ORDER your own copy (via IAHF.COM or via IAHF
> 556 Boundary Bay
> Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA to show to everyone
> in your area!!
> Next week we will be adding the navigation menu to
> the streaming
> video. That will help you skip around inside the DVD
> as you can with
> the actual DVD.
> Please forward this widely, and encourage everyone
> you know world
> wide to take an active role in this fight back!!!
> --
> For Health Freedom,
> John C. Hammell, President
> International Advocates for Health Freedom
> 556 Boundary Bay Road
> Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
> 800-333-2553 N.America
> 360-945-0352 World
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