Cell Phones May Harm Blood Cells




A study has shown that radiation from mobile phones may cause a substantial increase in the forces that living cells exert on each other. Experts said this research could be critical to providing answers to the question of whether radiation from mobile phones is linked to cancer and other health problems. Although several researchers believe this to be the case, they have been unable to come up with ways that radiation could produce this affect and harm biological tissue.


The conventional theory states the only way radio waves could harm a cell would be if they were powerful enough to break chemical bonds or heat the tissue, like microwaves. However, it was discovered the radiation given off by the handsets on mobile phones was too weak to result in either of these effects.

Research has shown that water molecules have poles of positive and negative electric charges referred to as van der Waals forces, which are known to produce attractive forces between cells. In a study using a very simplified mathematical model of two red blood cells, the effect of electromagnetic fields with different frequencies of radiation was calculated.


This study determined that the water molecules within the cells tried to reposition their negative and positive poles by altering the field created by the radiation.


The results of this study didn’t prove negative effects from mobile phone radiation, however if the effect could be proven based on experimentation, it could provide the basis of an explanation for tissue damage.

Future studies will be conducted to check the dielectric properties of various types of biological tissue during exposure to radiation across the range of frequencies normally used by mobile phones.


New Scientist April 6, 2004



Dr. Mercola's Comment:


Whether or not cell phones cause harm is extremely controversial, but it seems the best option is to limit your cell phone use, especially while driving, and be sure to use a wireless headset when you do. Aside from the wireless headset, cell phone dangers can be minimized by using a wired headset and keeping the phone away from your body while it is in standby mode. Keep the phone in a purse or holster on your belt instead of in a pocket, when the phone is not in use.


One of the most dangerous aspects of using a cell phone while driving is how much it increases your chances of getting into a car accident.


Even though your eyes may be on the road while you are on the phone, your full concentration level isn’t there. Statistics show that cell phones increase your risk of having an accident by a devastating 400 percent.


So, please take these warnings to heart and resist the temptation to use your cell phone while driving.


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