Cell Phones and Brain Tumors




Scientists have found the first evidence linking brain cancer with mobile phone use.

It was found that users who spend more than an hour a day talking on a mobile phone have a close to one-third higher risk of developing a rare form of brain tumor. Most frequently, the cancers were found on the side of the head that the user held the phone up to.

The association was found with digital mobile phones, old-style analogue mobile phones and digital enhanced cordless phones.

Although radiation from mobile phones has been shown to alter the brain and affect memory, past studies have found no evidence of a link between brain cancer and mobile phone use.

In the current study, researchers looked at the medical records of 1,600 patients with tumors who had used mobile phones for up to 10 years before diagnosis. They found that the more mobile phones were used, and the more years they were used, the higher the risk of brain tumors.

Further, spending more than an hour on a mobile phone per day increased the risk of acoustic neuroma, a type of tumor, by some 30 percent. This type of tumor, usually curable by surgery, can occur in a nerve in the brain and lead to deafness in one ear.

Incidences of this type of cancer, though rare, have increased from one tumor per 100,000 people in 1980 to one per 80,000 today.

Researchers say that the findings appear to show a link, but further studies are needed to confirm the results.

International Journal of Oncology February 2003;22(2):399-407

Dr. Mercola's Comment

More evidence that further supports my previous comments:

As Moore's Law (the doubling of computer technology every 18 months) continues to reduce the cost of wireless communication, cell phones will become increasingly popular. Many people are even abandoning their land-based phones to use their cell phones as their exclusive phone service.

The issue of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from cell phones is controversial and most experts believe that it is insignificant. However, there is a significant body of evidence to suggest that cell phone radiation can indeed cause health problems.

The central issue is that most experts are basing their conclusions of a non-damaging health effect on information derived from examining thermal or heat related effects. It is highly unlikely that the damage cell phones do is through this mechanism.

The experts fail to consider the negative biological effects of exposure to long-term low intensity pulsed microwave radiation that these phones emit. Our bodies, especially our brains, are extraordinarily sensitive receptors of EMF radiation.

If you use a cell phone at all, I would strongly encourage you to carefully review the Lancet article that I posted in the newsletter two years ago.

However, while I once discouraged the use of cell phones because of EMF concerns, new technological innovations have all but eliminated these concerns.

One such innovation is Bluetooth wireless technology. Essentially, this is a completely wireless headset that enables you to place the cell phone up to 30 feet away from your body while making calls. This is more than sufficient distance to minimize the potential dangers from EMF.

Aside from the wireless headset, cell phone dangers can be minimized by using a wired headset and keeping the phone away from your body while it is in standby mode--keep the phone in a purse or holster on your belt instead of in a pocket.

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