Betreff: Bush Assault 20 Action Items
Von: Karl vonWerther
Datum: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 16:22:48 -0800 (PST)

Hey, you don't have to write your representatives--you can call them toll-free.  Just call the Capitol Switchboard and ask for their office.  The person answering will be glad to take a message for them.  The number is:  1-800-839-5276.

Bush Assault 20 Action Items (OK so I lied. There's more than 20)

The Bush assaults never take a day off. Here are some issues that
demand your ongoing attention. Please take action on as many issues as
you can! Skip the ones you already did.
1. Thank Congressman John Conyers for leading the fight to
investigate the fraudulent election. and
sign up for alerts on his webpage: and
ask him to continue the fight to prosecute the wrong-doers! He
has evidence of substantial ongoing fraud by election officials at his
website. Watch the videos, read the evidence. This just in! He is
enthusiastically backing Howard Dean for DNC chair! Thank him for this
too! deanltr11105.pdf Looks like he will have to campaign soon.
Volunteer at 2. Thank Senator Boxer for her courage in challenging the fraudulent Ohio election results Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) joined Representatives John Conyers (D-MI) and Stephanie Tubb-Jones (D-OH), as well as several other African-American members of the U.S. House, in objecting to the Ohio presidential election results as Congress certified the 2004 election. Please send an email thanking Senator Boxer for her courage and vision. Thank her and urge her to continue the fight to prosecute and punish all of the wrong-doers who stole this election and to do all possible to oppose the Bush regime and Bush agenda. email form for Senator Boxer: 3. And now we have something MORE to thank Barbara Boxer for! She will be asking the tough questions of Condoleezza Rice on her nomination by Bush. Sign this petition to back her up! Once you are there, you can sign up for action alerts and also donate to her PAC for a Change to help her counter future Bush assaults and sign this: 4. Thank the Senators and Representatives who stood up to support voting rights and quality elections on January 6 – and urge them to keep fighting for election reform and prosecution of guilty parties. This site lets you thank all of them at once! Tell them we must return the shoddy electronic machines and ask for restitution for the faulty fraudulent election from all of the electronic voting and electronic counting machine vendors and go to strict HAND-COUNTED, PAPER-ONLY ballots for ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS everywhere for every office with election personnel and observers hand-picked by all competing parties. Here is a
website that has the correct demands we must make for our voting
system! Spread the word wherever Election Reform comes up! 5. Urge Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi to lead the fight for election law reform Please send an email to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) expressing your support for Senator Boxer . Thank them and urge them to continue the fight to prosecute and punish all of the wrong-doers who stole this election and to do all possible to oppose the Bush regime and Bush agenda. Tell them we must return the shoddy electronic machines and ask for restitution for the faulty fraudulent election from all of the electronic voting and electronic counting machine vendors and go to strict HAND-COUNTED, PAPER-ONLY ballots for ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS everywhere for every office with election personnel and observers hand-picked by all competing parties. email form for Senator Harry Reid:, email
address for Nancy Pelosi: 6. Oppose torture, Oppose the fascist Bush agenda that is undermining our democracy and threatening the safety of our troops and our civil liberties. Support investigations of Bush war crimes by Germany at this link Read the English
portion in the bottom half. You can also sign our Veterans' letter
opposing the Alberto Gonzalez nomination. You do not have to be a
veteran to sign. Our
Veterans are also going to place ads in the Washington, D.C. Subway
protesting the torture. Please lend your
support. 7. It has finally broken into public acknowledgement that Bush has been using our taxpayer money illegally to spread his lies and propaganda and to enrich his family and corporate backers. This proves what we have been saying- that mainstream media prints and broadcasts propaganda, not news, and certainly not the truth.
armstrong_williams.shtml He did it to foist his erroneously-named
"No Child Left Behind" bill which should have been named "No Bush Left
Behind" which is defrauding the public education system out of
much-needed funds
and he is doing it again to hijack Social Security. Read about it in
the following articles:
Ask Congress and the FCC to investigate and stop these abuses: This
is the type of scum-ball propagandist they hire 8. Social Security can be considered one of the major hallmarks of progressivism : It turned what was formerly almost sure poverty for millions of aging Americans into a secure retirement. But George W. Bush's plan would remove that security, throw seniors' retirement to the stock market, and bring in a windfall for Wall Street. The good news is that not everyone in Congress—including some Republicans—is on board with the plan . That's why it's so important to tell your elected officials now that you don't want to see Social Security privatized. Whether you act with MoveOn or with the AFL-CIO, make sure you act now! Go to MoveOn's Action at .
Go to AFL-CIO Action at
ProtectSocialSecurity Here's the DCCC
letter against changing Social Security: Visit the
action page of Working Assets. They have a multitude of opportunities
to quickly send your opinion on various important issues of the day! Do
one. Do them ALL! Click on the link: 9. Check out the dedicated to
persecuting and prosecuting fraudulent Tom Delay who stole most of the
Texas Congressional seats through illegal means. Read about Tom Delay
misdeeds: Public Citizen Asks Justice Department to Probe House
Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Energy Firm Officials for Possible
Bribery You can
donate to Public Citizen to pursue justice at their webpage: and also to Citizens for Responsibility
and Ethics in Washington (CREW) - a non-profit, progressive legal
watchdog group dedicated to holding public officials accountable for
their actions. They are looking into the Tom Delay abuses and into the
illegal Bush practice of buying propaganda with our taxpayer money. At
their web page you can donate monthly to help them prosecute the abuses
being heaped on us daily. Give $10 per month or even $5 per month or
whatever you can afford for this great cause!! 10. Democratic Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico has thumbed his nose at David Cobb and our recount efforts and has broken New Mexico law in doing so.
-14.php Please give him your 2 cents about this
matter at: 11. George W. Bush is going to be taking one pledge on January 20. The rest of us can take another one: to make sure that we actively protect Americans' freedoms and civil liberties, despite what our government might do to chip away at them. The ACLU's Freedom Pledge is a simple statement that you're committed to values of freedom and will work with like-minded individuals to protect them. The goal is 100,000 signatures by Inauguration Day and ultimately 400,000. ACT NOW 12. Here's a slew of Bush assaults to protest! Please sign their letters of protest: 13. Support our 2 Senators Frank R. Lautenberg and Harry Reid who are objecting to Bush his use of taxpayer dollars to buttress his propaganda for the No Child Left Behind. Write and thank them, or write to the White House supporting their request, and write to the media. Democratic senators ask Bush to yank Armstrong Williams from fellowship commission 1/12/5 14. Kentucky Senate thumbs its nose at the Kentucky Constitution and its court system! Dana Seum Stephenson did not meet the constitutional qualifications to run for the office of senator in her state; however, today she was sworn in as the newest member of the Kentucky State Senate. A judge had already ruled that Stephenson did not meet the state's residency requirements—she has not lived in Kentucky for the required six years. Yet Senate Republicans quickly swore her in and hung her engraved brass nameplate as a show of their power. Democrats protested the decision to seat Stephenson. Democratic Senate floor leader Ed Worley said "I refuse to participate in what I believe to be the greatest single act of pure, raw, ugly politics as I have ever seen take place in our Capitol." Even non-Democrat members of the senate were disgusted by the decision—Republican Sen. Bob Leeper threatened to resign over the debacle. Virginia Woodward has challenged the validity of this senate vote and asked the Franklin County Circuit Court to stop Stephenson from undertaking any senatorial duties. The court will hold a hearing on Monday. Sen. Bob Leeper said he will register as an independent later this week, becoming the lone independent in the General Assembly and the first since 1984. Later, in a telephone interview, he acknowledged there could be political retribution from Republicans, perhaps in terms of lost committee assignments. The 2005 legislative session resumes on Feb. 1 and is scheduled to end March 22. Support Senator Leeper for refusing to follow in the corrupt and unconstitutional actions in Kentucky! Send letters to the Kentucky reps and to Kentucky and national media about the illegal actions of the Republican party. You can thank State Senator Bob Leeper for standing strong for the constitution and for ethical conduct at his email You can give the rightful winner your
support. Visit her website for details and support Kentucky activists, please submit
supporting opinions to your local media and vote NO to Repub-driven
request for another vote at 15. The 2004 Election fight is not over. Continue to visit
for action items to keep pushing to investigate and prosecute the
guilty. Also continue to check the Democratic mindset for positive
changes at:
16. This is CRITICAL. Continue to send information about the
shortcomings of electronic voting machines and the evidence of Election
2004 fraud to as many of our Congressmen as possible. We must continue
to expand our base of in-the-know Congressmen so they know that this
election was stolen and that many criminal activities were used to
install Bush into power. They perhaps do not know so we must make it
easy for them to know. We must also point them at the news suppressed
by the media. Do this at least for your own 2 Senators and
Representative and also for your State legislatures. This will send the

Here are various ways to reach Congress: and type in
your ZIP CODE. Here is a webpage to get all of their contact
information. Just pick the state you want, then click on the name you
want. or
at:, or, Or click on the following links to get the phone and fax
If you cannot find their email address, call the U.S. capitol
switchboard (1-800-839-5276) and ask for your Congressman and Senators
and get their email address.. Here is an old letter where you
can follow links to evidence.

Honorable Senator xxx,

There have been thousands of irregularities, including intimidation in
the 2004 Election and citizens want to know why nothing is being done
to investigate.

Please join the chorus of voices demanding a recount or revote so that

citizens can feel as secure as the Ukrainians that our voices are heard
in this country too.

Please read the following formal document that details some of the
documented problems.

Here is the link to the document: Follow the link to massive Indiana conflict of interest and fraud as investigated by a TV station there. And here are the details of the Ohio Secretary of State's fraudulent actions on Dec 13, 2204. Outrageous arrest of former Congressman Dan Hamburg for his attempts to defend our votes Further evidence of Ohio Election fraud during the current recount effort Massive evidence of disenfranchisement in Ohio:

To get details about your state, or other states, just pick it on the

Numerous details sent by election observers and voters to the House
Judiciary Committee Democrats which convinced them to act on this to
protect our voting rights: Republican Ohio Secretary of State and mass media both desperate to hide the truth: "TV Networks Officially Refuse to Release Exit Poll Raw Data; Mainstream media finally displays true colors" December 22, 2004 "Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray" December 28, 2004 Bush adminstration collusion with the media to broadcast and print propaganda instead of truth: Real news and truth may be found at , Please tell me how you intend to get these outrageous crimes prosecuted. I trust you agree that electors and candidates should be chosen by voters and not by partisan secretaries of state or by corporate software companies and their technicians. Join President Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Richard Lugar, Sen Biden, and Speaker of the House Hastert in calling for a fair, free election without intimidation. The people in a democracy have the right to be heard and their votes accurately counted at the ballot box. Bush: "There's just a lot of allegations of vote fraud that place their elections, the validity of their elections, in doubt... The position of our government is that the will of the people must be known and heard....These elections ought to be open and fair....The only good deal is one that's verifiable…Any election in any country must reflect the will of the people." White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan told reporters the Bush administration is calling on [Ukraine] to conduct a review of the election and not to certify the results until investigations of fraud are resolved. Powell: "We cannot accept this result as legitimate because it does not meet international standards and because there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse. ... We call for a full review of the conduct of the election and the tallying of election results…. ...It is time for Ukrainian leaders to decide whether they are on the side of democracy or not, whether they respect the will of the people or not." Lugar called for a new vote because of "wholesale fraud and abuse...This is really hardball, and it was systematic… It is now apparent that a concerted and forceful program of election day fraud and abuse was enacted with either the leadership or cooperation of governmental authorities. So ultimately a second vote but only if you have reform." Biden: "Ukraine's leaders should immediately invalidate the election results, invite an independent commission to investigate the numerous reports of fraud and protect all peaceful demonstrators." Hastert: “In order for democracy to flourish, citizens must be able to exercise their votes freely, fairly, and without intimidation. Hopefully, Ukraine’s election in three weeks won’t experience the rampant voting problems, reports of fraud, and allegations of campaign corruption that marred last month’s contest. Ukrainians have the right to be heard and their votes accurately counted at the ballot box.” If ours is a democracy too, then the following statement should be backed by these same people: Americans have the right to be heard and their votes accurately counted at the ballot box. I demand that my vote count and that the votes of my fellow citizens count IN THE 2004 ELECTION. Please add your name, your support, your signature to our cause - that electoral votes obtained through unlawful means or through fraudulent or criminal deeds be challenged and declared invalid. I request that you add your name to Rep. Conyers' request for a GAO investigation and that you join with the House Democrats to challenge and contest the electoral votes for President and Vice President of the United States and for all other fraudulently- obtained positions. And please share all of this information with your closest associates. Sincerely from your constituent, xxx ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------- 17. Here's a way to send a message about "morality" to both major political parties: I think they are screening the message however, because they did not accept my rant about fascism. So they want to keep it "sanitized" I guess. Still, the more the better. 18. More petitions against assaults:
c=klLWJcP7H&b=200312&lftnav=actions 19. Evangelical leader James C. Dobson is threatening six Democratic senators if they block conservative appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court! Tell this SOB preacher where to go and give support to our 6 Democratic Senators he threatened: Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Mark Dayton of Minnesota, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico and Bill Nelson of Florida. We should start digging up the dirt on Dobson. Send it to the media. will get you your local
media. 20. Here is an excellent way to get the truth out to the masses! Not my idea, just passing it on…Write the url on
your $1, $5 and $10 dollar bills. To get people to look at the truth,
my favorite is 21. Greg Palast has been hired by Harper's!!!

And Harper's appears to not be allergic to the truth. Look at their
October issue: Keep this in mind
when giving gifts to TV watchers/koolaid drinkers. If you subscribe,
make it a point to let them know that you are buying because they hired
Greg Palast and because they print the truth.

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