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---Hello, Bon Jour:  I am "Casanga".  Joanne, "JoJo" an American Targeted-individual of illegal EMs s who wrote the "we're going to do a mall e-mailing" you've clipped below. (communications between myself and Cheryl Welsh).  I will hold off on any mailings until  we can conclude collectively on  the negative or positive effects of what is writ below.    I would like to offer comment interspersed with your message/s:

 The first is to agree that many different organizations exist whose agenda/s seem to co-join at certain levels of concern
and deviate from a set overall agenda on others... We have in common that we would all like to eliminate from our lives
certain controllable or governable (by law) weapons or electronic devices which are being used not only in Europe and
America, but all over the world for "Population or political influence/control", abuse, enslavement of mind and body, torture and other nefarious activities..  I believe I can say with some degree of certainty that we all would conclude that we don't want these devices in our collective lives, (not even in a non-pleuralistic Autocratic-Theocracy or the like).

How each of the enclaves, orgs, dot coms, blogs, and the rest of what is out there co-joining in objection, seems, up until
now, to be more structured of geopolitical-cultural base than world org with same Mandate or Mission agenda. These would naturally sometimes collide on certain issues, while as stated above, co-join in others. All orgs and enclaves are not mentioned
because of the nature of the comminique -- it is designed by a TI for specific purpose, unrelated to the overall world orgs
dealing with parts, of our concerns.

What my draft to Cheryl outlined was contacting the world's press to increase awareness of the issues at hand, in order
to 1) inform parts of the public presently unaware of the existence of the negatively impacting EMs; 2) With the purpose
of gaining Credibility on victim's reports for 3) the banning of the use of these defined "weapons" internationally.

Should you wish, we can discuss the proposed mailing with an eye towards adding/subtracting, cross referencing, improving language (certainly psychotechnologies should be substituted for any reference to mind control -- the first is far more acceptable
than the second wording).  Should you have other issues you would like addressed and referenced, please indicate which
and send me a draft of how you would like them presented. (exact wording please) and I will of course include same in
any mass e-mailing, as a credible reference to the existence of what we claim is happening to us..  We cannot address all of our mutual concerns in one E-mail which should be short, to the point, and contain cross references of e-mail addresses of other supporting orgs...

Naturally, none of us supports the sexual or any other kinds of abuse of children, nor enslavement of same under any
circumstances.  But that is not a primary directive of the mailing, which concerned itself with psychotechnologies and
EMs...I believe we are all in agreement with Einstein's " Ne faites rien contre votre conscience..."  We would not be co-joined on these boards internationally if we disbelieved a primary Human Rrights directive...I would certainly agree that there are children who have been targets of the psychotechnologies for negative Control purposes.  We do not disagree on this one at all.

I would like to ask if there would be an objection to the mailing as negatively impacting other world efforts from what are
apparently very informed and intelligent people on the subject matter it contains in very simple English? (It was written as simply as possible in order to draw attention to the issue in one page of easily comprehended language).

If not, would you like to contribute towards its extent to cover aspects of your own Agenda/s?  If so, what?


my apologies for to have not cleared off the mail at which we are answering and so to send a big mail tiring to be read.

My site is continually in touch with many sources of informations, and so it will be alike continually up-dated. It endorses into many files relating to many subjects and FACTS; and it is also well placed on the Search engines.Time by time you - as everyone - can find the searched subject or the more cogent subjective problems on picking the term in the main Search engines or on going in the site itself to open its huge lot of links.
And on reverse you - as every one - can, and this is well agreed, suggest other arguments and/or unresolved problems. What result almost sure by this lot of discoveries is the SCATTERED diffusion of these tools for offences: all people can buy without difficulties every kind of "weaponry", every one can buy often terrible engines at a very low price. And on the height of damage many of such engines are sold for not harming uses: for chasing rats, for sending away birds..., not only for ... obviously military drills or for harming chosen people...
My site doesn't choose: what is REAL IS RATIONAL, what is documented is real and has not to be interpreted. Our endeavor does NO OPT for designate target; our endeavor is only on behalf of... not truth (an aim too much pretentious!) but only modestly gain and hold a greater amount of knowledge. (Which means notwithstanding also a better offer of protection).

Is it enough and comprehensible?

My best

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As an individual, not heading up, but loosely connected to several groups objecting to misuse of high tech electronics,
I can manoeuver with greater latitude than those constricted by organizational limitations.

Let me know any further thoughts you might have on the subject of indivual objections to Human Rights Atrocities.

Thank You.  J. Carey

Below is a copy of  mail between Cheryl Welsh and myself re. a mass mailing to world media persons via E-mail...
This one would go alot quicker if some others on the boards, who might have half an hour a day could
assist in the E-mailing of our concerns to the world's media --I'd like to suggest that each of us pick a
Continent and let me know which, so that no duplication of efforts occurs.  Basically how this one goes is
use search to access information about a particular Country and go to its "Newspapers" site.  Pick out
the largest publications in each country and send a Letter to the Editor, or to its Publishers with the
data below. (attachments).  Please delete any personal e-mails between Cheryl and myself.

Any takers?  JJ

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I'm going to go for E-mailing the News and Media of all of the countries on my list (203)....Your suggestion is well
taken.  I'll review the material and probably include it for review by reporters on staff to whom it is mailed...Thank you for your quick reply.  The first reply was never received here...much love and have a good Sunday....JJ
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  Subject: Re: draft letter sent to you

  Jojo, I sent you an email giving you permission a long time ago.  Oh well.  I like that it's short, what you are sending out.  One other woman sent a bunch out at huge expense, but it was too much material.  No results that we know of either.

  Well, the only suggestion I have is to present the issue as something needing to be futher reported and investigated, by adding the French question below and the EU resolution.  That is a broader issue of more importance to more people.  Like the EU resolution to ban manipulation of humans via weapons.  This is better evidence and to the point, where my website is specific about mind control, which is a conspiracy theory to 99% of people out there.  I think you will get better results with this broader approach, but use my website etc, if you like of ocurse.

  Official Journal of December 21, 2004
  (research policy - psychotechnologies)
  53689 - 21 December 2004. Mr. Claude Goasguen draws the attention of the
  minister responsible for research to the research and the development of
  psychotechnologies. These technologies are based on knowledge of the
  processes by which the human brain functions and on processes in the fields
  of chemistry, electricity and sound waves.  The psychotechnologies can thus
  be the subject of research and development, military as well as civil, to be
  used as nonlethal weapons. Possibilities for the manipulation of humans
  which have hitherto been raised in works of science fiction prove today to
  be scientifically feasible. Progress in the fields of science, thus obliges
  us to redefine ethics and morals. It is important, on the one hand, to bring
  out into the opens, at the national level, what  organizations have
  expertise in, and control of, these technologies. In addition, this
  ques?tion should also be addressed by Community legal devices, since these
  weapons based on these technologies can be used across the borders.  For the
  same reason, it is desirable to know what measures are under consideration
  by the Government to guarantee the strict control of psychotechnologies.
  Question 53689 of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY of December 21, 2004 and appearing in
  the Official Journal of December 21, 2004 is in enclosure.

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  Subject: In case one of you can read a little French. HG

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