Betreff: Countermeasures
Von: mark marks
Datum: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 14:25:01 -0800 (PST)


Advanced nature of current-day mind control weaponry affirmed by former USAF scientist Dr. Tom Bearden; victims are advised to consider Dr. Bearden's words carefully before spending money on conventional detection/jamming/shielding experiments
Book review, Remote Viewing, by Tim Rifat. This book gives the history of Russian remote viewing and psychic manipulation, and contains points of interest to mind control victims who wish to experiment with shielding, jamming, and detection of today's advanced mind control signals
Book review, Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird. Confirms the existence of biological signals which are NOT electromagnetic, but operate at the ESP performance level, and which are like the current day mind/body weapon signals used on mind control victims. Also describes possible countermeasure experiments.
Countermeasure success chart, for experimental countermeasures against psycho-electronic harassment
Detection of perp activity: Electronic Projects from the Next Dimension, a practical book of experiments in detection of "parallel dimenson" activity. Offers some possible ideas on detection of the more advanced perpetrator effects.
EEG-GSR experiments, with plants, aim is to create a detector which is independent of signal types (classified undetectable so far)
Electromagnetic signal detector, mentioned on The Power Hour by in-home microwave attack victim Jesus Maldonado as the best indicator of the attack signals. (PLEASE read the caution note at the bottom of this page.)
Facts, Fact Sources, and the "Poison Pill" Disinfo Tactic, important when considering countermeasures and discussions about countermeasures
Perp Groups, Local, including revelations and successful stoppage by a victim who is also an accomplished remote viewer