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My new paper is posted, 3 years of mulling over, tying it together.  I would
like to get a condensed version published, I don't boast, but this info
really seems so relevant to the issue.  The table of contents makes it
really skimmable.  The conclusion summarized it, below and the best sections
to me, are about emr and mind control research going black, also below.

"The convergence of the cold war history  of mind control and
electromagnetic weapons with new post cold war government neuroscience
research programs-new and fascinating information."

Government secrecy

Most people are unaware of the extent of government secrecy. Any research
related to mind control and electromagnetic weapons or technologies has been
promptly classified and has resulted in a lack of publicly available and
reliable information on the issue. In fact, government disinformation is
created by government control of research funding, influencing of media
information and scientists' use of cover stories for national security
issues. Two of the same examples illustrating mind control programs that
went 'black' are also illustrative of government disinformation surrounding
mind control. The CIA's half-truth about the Mkultra research stopping when
in fact it was transferred to a supersecret research project is a clear
example of government lying and misinformation. The government's cover story
and denial of nonthermal bioeffects for fifty years and Project Pandora's
official findings of no nonthermal bioeffects, in light of post cold war
government funding of nonthermal bioeffects is clear evidence of government
disinformation and also devastating to fifty years of scientific research of
public health effects caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields, as few
of the epidemiology studies needed have been undertaken.

The public is left to ponder a complex and controversial issue with little
hard evidence. And further, there obviously can be no public trust in
government concerning mind control when scientists and government officials
are on the record for repeatedly using cover stories, lying about mind
control research and suppressing unclassified nonthermal bioeffects and mind
control research while heavily funding similar classified research.

The goal of the government secrecy system is to keep weapons program and
capabilities, plausibly deniable and out of the public's view. With
prolonged and extensive US government efforts, that goal has clearly been
met for mind control and electromagnetic weapons. Today, the alleged
government cover story is that victims are simply mentally ill and there is
no need to investigate further. Mainstream press repeatedly dismiss the
claims as conspiracy theories. Everyone can agree national security is vital
but excessive secrecy that allows MKultra mind control experiments,
radiation experiments and now allegations of illegal government mind control
experiments without further investigation is especially egregious

20. Conclusion

Are nonlethal electromagnetic weapons fully developed mind control weapons?
Most people do not believe the US and Russian governments have weapons that
can remotely target a person anywhere in the world, read their thoughts,
beam messages to their brain, control every nerve in the body and cause
great pain. But most people are unaware of new post cold war government
funding of mind control programs, the long US/Russian cold war/post cold war
history of nonthermal bioeffects weapons and neuroscience developments, and
government secrecy surrounding mind control research; information essential
in the evaluation of allegations of illegal government mind control
experiments. The numerous facts over an extensive time period add up to an
emerging picture. The information presented here does provide direct
evidence of the development of classified weapons to target the brain and
body by major nations, but to what extent is not publicly known.

While there is no direct proof, it is likely that mind control weapons are
highly advanced. There is evidence to support the cold war development of a
group of electromagnetic mind control weapons more powerful than the atomic
bomb but details are scarce. A Manhattan-type program is no longer science
fiction according to scientists who authored the NSF's 2002 Converging
Technologies report; "With the convergence of new science technologies,
science would become ready to succeed in a rapid program to understand the
structure and functions of the human mind, The Human Cognome Project."
(underline added.) At the least, post cold war programs are expanding,
therefore advanced mind control weapons seem certain in the near future.

Table of Contents

    * About the author
    * Endorsement by Dr. Eldon Byrd, former director, Marine Corps Nonlethal
Electromagnetic Weapons Project
    * Endorsement by Dr. Rosalie Bertell, epidemiologist

   1. Introduction
   2. Recent major developments in neuroscience and weapons research
   3. The link between the explosion of government neuroscience research and
classified cold war/post cold war weapons programs
   4. Cold war classified, large weapons programs include mind control
   5. Dr. Robert O. Becker, pioneer bioelectromagnetics scientist
   6. New neuroscience research includes nonthermal bioeffects
   7. Weapons research based on nonthermal bioeffects
   8. Nonthermal bioeffects controversy
   9. 'Denial of nonthermal bioeffects' is a cover story for US weapons
  10. Dr. Ross Adey, bioelectromagnetics researcher dies
  11. Project Pandora findings; denial of nonthermal bioeffects
  12. Dr. Adey asks, "How stupid does the US Air Force think the public is?"
  13. John Norseen's mind control research for national security
  14. Dr. Norseen's demonstration of mind reading
  15. A serious cold war/post cold war problem of excessive secrecy
  16. Post cold war soviet developments; former Duma member Yuriy Lopatin
  17. Post cold war soviet developments; US Foreign Military Studies Office
  18. Post cold war soviet developments; Darpa reports by Hudson Institute
  19. Final analysis; how advanced are US/Russian mind control weapons?
  20. Conclusion
  21. Mind Justice's position
  22. A successful model for overcoming excessive government secrecy